almond-pistachio-grape-fertilizer all-season-fertilizer Keep Plants Healthy & Thriving All Season. Benefits
• Excellent Source of NPK
• Loaded with Nutrients
• Increases Yields
• Improves Fruit Size & Quality

The right rate of N, P, K at the right time.

Vital Almond, Pistachio and Grape Fertilizer gives you the most bang for your buck with the highest grade materials to improve crop size and quality.

Loaded with Nutrients
Vital was developed to provide the perfect balance of N, P, K in a concentrated liquid fertilizer. Intended for use throughout the season, Vital provides ease of application and storage so you can fertigate continuously without having to flush lines and clean tanks. Vital is immediately taken up by roots, keeping your plants healthy and thriving. Unlike other fertilizers, Vital has a low salt index and does not contain unwanted chlorides or sulfates.


Increased Productivity
Vital Almond, Pistachio and Grape Fertilizer helps the crop size and quality by enhancing the plant’s ability to resist diseases, insect attacks, drought stresses, and other adverse conditions.


The Strength of Citrate
A naturally occurring organic acid known as citric acid is included in this fertilizer. The Citric Acid Cycle, or Krebs Cycle, is a building block that leads to the formation of ATP, or energy, needed for critical metabolic processes within the plant. We use citric acid as an ingredient in Vital to create potassium citrate. As far back as 1959, studies were conducted to showcase plant uptake from different sources of potassium, including potassium nitrate, potassium chloride, potassium sulfate, and potassium citrate. Results proved that uptake of potassium ions was highest with the citrate form of potassium.


Carbon Boosted
Straight Arrow’s Vital is an innovatively formulated “Carbon Boosted” fertilizer developed to supply a power punch of carbon and other readily available plant nutrients. Straight Arrow™ Organic Acids make this all possible. These organic acids are anion based and loaded with carbon chains to provide optimum uptake. Our “Carbon Boosted” fertilizers work as a natural plant metabolite, enhancing fruit quality, plant production, and crop yields.


Optimal Plant Nutrition


Organic Acids


Superior Uptake


Amazing Results


Environmentally Friendly

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