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Push is a phosphate fertilizer that supplies the cleanest and most available phosphates on the market with potassium and nitrogen to go with it, putting you in a good position for the next growing season.

Fall & Spring Root Flush
Push is the leading phosphate product for growers interested in a clean, low salt fertilizer to benefit crops during periods of active root growth. Ideal for fall and early spring applications. Push is formulated with 100% orthophosphoric acid, which is immediately available for plant uptake, even in saline or cold soils.


Promotes Growth
During periods of root growth, Push should be applied to provide the crop with concentrated phosphorus along with nitrogen and potassium. Push is an ideal starting fertilizer developed to improve yields and crop quality.


Near Neutral pH, Concentrated Formula
Push is a non-corrosive, highly concentrated fertilizer. This product was uniquely formulated to increase phosphate levels while remaining pH neutral. This allows for effortless application and immediate uptake. Because of the excellent stability of the formulation, Push won’t settle out in the tank, resulting in uniform flow throughout your fertigation system.


Carbon Boosted
Straight Arrow’s Push Post-Harvest Fertilizer is an innovatively formulated “Carbon Boosted” fertilizer developed to supply a power punch of carbon and other readily available plant nutrients. Straight Arrow™ Organic Acids make this all possible. These organic acids are anion based and loaded with carbon chains to provide optimum uptake. Our “Carbon Boosted” fertilizers work as a natural plant metabolite, enhancing fruit quality, plant production, and crop yields.

post harvest fertilizer


• Vital to chlorophyll for photosynthesis
• Significant component in amino acids, the building blocks of proteins
• Aids in the compounds that allow for energy storage & use
post harvest fertilizer


• Aids in structural strength, crop quality, seed production & more
• Encourages root growth & promotes blooming
• Essential in DNA
• Vital to the transformation of solar energy into usable compounds
post harvest fertilizer


• Often referred to as the “quality element,” for its contribution to size, shape, color, & taste
• Plants low in potassium are stunted in growth & have lower yields