The best nutrient sources on the market at optimum concentrations.

Feed your crops on demand with MicroFlo Bloom-Spray Foliar Fertilizer, the complete nutrient package that is ready to go when your crops need it.

Incredible Foliar Fertilizer
MicroFlo Bloom-Spray Foliar Fertilizer shows an immediate response, which is essential during critical growing periods and stress events such as bloom, fruit set, and sizing. Optimal nutrient concentrations, applied at the right time, provide ideal conditions for a healthy plant. MicroFlo has both macro and micronutrients available for immediate plant uptake.


Effortless Applications
Sulfate and chloride free, MicroFlo has a low salt index, so it is compatible with most tank-mix partners and is exceptionally safe for all crops.


Best Micro Package
EDTA (Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid) binds to nutrients and takes them where they need to go. The EDTA chelated micronutrients included in MicroFlo are 100% available to the crop. They are specially formulated to prevent nutrient tie-up. Other micronutrient sources are not available for immediate uptake, which can lead to stunting deficiencies.


Carbon Boosted
Straight Arrow’s MicroFlo is an innovatively formulated “Carbon Boosted” fertilizer developed to supply a power punch of carbon and other readily available plant nutrients. Straight Arrow™ Organic Acids make this all possible. These organic acids are anion based and loaded with carbon chains to provide optimum uptake. Our “Carbon Boosted” fertilizers work as a natural plant metabolite, enhancing fruit quality, plant production, and crop yields.