Calcium fertilizer that works overtime.

Calcium is one of the most underrated nutrients in the farming community today. Ca Plus calcium fertilizer can increase yields by providing readily available calcium, leaching salts, buffering pH, helping water penetration, and releasing otherwise tied up nutrients.

Increases Available Calcium
Calcium is essential for all plants. Ca Plus provides 100% soluble calcium. This is important because most calcium compounds found in soils are generally insoluble, meaning they are not available to the plant. Having tied up Calcium in your soil can lead to nutrient deficiencies. Plants need calcium for cell wall development and growth. Pathogens attack weak cell walls. A stronger cell wall structure leads to healthier plants. Stronger cell walls can also support heavier crop loads.


Improves Water Penetration & Displaces Salts
Proper water movement through soil is beneficial to plants. Reduced movement of water leads to a low supply of air and nutrients to the root zone leading to a reduction in plant growth. Applying Ca Plus will increase the levels of available calcium in the soil while freeing up magnesium and other nutrients. Calcium and magnesium help displace sodium from soil particles. The displaced sodium can then be leached out of the root area. When this happens, the soil becomes more permeable, and water infiltration improves.


Straight Arrow Carbon Boosted
This Straight Arrow™ “Carbon Boosted” product is loaded with carbon chains to enrich nutrient uptake. Our “Carbon Boosted” fertilizers work as a natural plant metabolite, enhancing fruit quality, plant production, and crop yields.


Ca Plus enters the soil profile and displaces salt from the soil particles, then leaches it out.