The Straight Arrow Land Management story started in the fields of California’s Central Valley, where first hand experience on the farm managing and caring for crops grew into finding better ways to achieve greater results.

You have to go back to the years of Brown’s ranch management that set the wheels in motion to create Straight Arrow Land Management. His goal, like most farmers, was to optimize crop production.

And since fertilizer is a significant expense for most operations, growers often find the cheapest products they can, and apply as much of it as they can cram into the budget. There’s got to be a better way.

“There needs to be a shift in focus, from crop health to soil health.”

“The better we treat the soil, the better it will treat us.”

We know the key to greater crop production starts with healthy soil. It drives us to persistently search for new products that achieve optimum soil conditions, which leads to healthy plants and fantastic yields – at the same time putting back into the soil what we take out. We’ve found that when you focus on soil health, you may just end up using less fertilizer while obtaining greater results.

We feel that we have discovered something special, something that goes against the norm and we’re eager to supply growers with fertilizer products that will optimize their growing conditions like never before.

Our experience on the farm combined with innovative chemical engineering has resulted in unique formulations that are maximizing farmers’ dollars.

We are looking for farmers who are not satisfied with their current results and are interested in trying new products to achieve greater rewards.

“Our goal is to create new products to achieve greater rewards.”